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If I want to start a business, when is the best time?

Frequently, people who want to become independent ask themselves: “When is the best time if I want to start a business?” Futher reading at

Applying for loans online can be strategic at this time to ensure that the business exceeds the first 5 years of life, which turn out to be the most complicated, as they seek to consolidate their permanence in the Mexican market. However, it is not about taking a loan by taking it, it is about leaning on it to achieve the greatest possible success.

Before thinking about applying for a loan, it is important that you realize if you are at the right time to start a business. For that, check out the following tips that can make the difference between turning your idea into a successful business or having to close it because you can’t keep holding it.

Do you already have an entrepreneurial idea?


Do not be afraid to undertake and for this you have to let out the creative that we all have inside. Think about that hobby that you enjoy so much and that you could also take advantage of to do a business. If you are a music fan, why not think about teaching and having your own school? Or a restaurant if you like cooking.

The important thing is to dare, that fear does not paralyze you and let all those ideas that you have in mind flow until you manage to realize one. On the way you may give up on that idea, do not fear if it is necessary to start over.

It is important that you define your idea of ​​entrepreneurship very well and that you see all the business opportunities you can do with it. It may be a very good idea, but there are already many businesses dedicated to the same where you live. If you do not have something that makes you better than the competition, you will have trouble building a customer base.

Have you defined an added value better than the competition?

Have you defined an added value better than the competition?

After you have defined your idea of ​​entrepreneurship, you need to analyze who your competition is. Can you offer potential customers something different and of greater benefit? You have to define what your added value will be that will distinguish you from other businesses in the same direction as yours.

An added value with which you can start is to give the best service to customers. Treating it better than the competition, coupled with fair prices, can make you buy again.

Is it better alone than in bad company?

From the beginning you must plan if you want to start the project with a partner or do it alone. You can explore and account for what is the best way for you in terms of costs, but also of friendships. In such a way that they can separate the family or friends relationship and achieve a common goal. Therefore, it is important that everything be clearly established from the beginning and adjust your interests for the sake of your project.

Many projects (and relationships!) Are terminated because the partners do not know how to differentiate the work relationship from the personal one. It is very important that all project members be clear about this from the beginning.

Do you need additional income for your current life or retirement?

Do you need additional income for your current life or retirement?

Perhaps you consider that you currently do not need to start a business because you have enough income to have a stable life. But can you maintain your current lifestyle when retirement comes? If your answer is no, it is time to analyze what other alternatives you have to complement it, one of them may be starting your own business.

If you currently have a stable job, it is a good time to start a business alternately, since your income will not depend 100 percent on your new project. If what you are looking for is to undertake, do not wait to run out of work to start planning a business.


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